Certified Results CoachHello! I’m Helen Ena Glen Entrepreneur, Mentor & Rapid Results Life Coach helping women like yourself to transition tears to transformation, to eliminate stress, blame and shame, to feel empowered and have clarity, confidence and a deeper connection with yourself to move forward. So you can Live, Love Life.

While coaching and therapy are quite different, the misconception is they are the same but there’s quite a difference. Coaching is not consulting or therapy but borrows from both of them. I use results coaching programs to focus on the future possibilities that lie ahead, so that you can turn that possibility into reality to have clarity & self-confidence to achieve dreams. So that you can find a new purpose and live a meaningful life on A Love Journey of Self-Discovery.

Therapy is conducted by a Health Professional for emotional or psychological problems. While coaching is intended to help normal, healthy individuals to go from where you are currently to where you want to be.

As Life Coach I have helped my clients to achieve their personal goals. Women I have coached see increased happiness, success in weight loss, improved work-life balance and personal development on their self-discovery journey to live a meaningful and purpose driven life.

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If you have been wondering what all successful women know about emotional wellness, that you don’t, I’ll let you into their secret…

Confident womenI was recently speaking to a group of successful women. Above all, they all came to the same conclusion. It was having the right mindset and emotional wellness. Everyone agreed that success meant being in emotional and physical balance. They had a secret to overcome challenges without emotional breakdown.

As a result I created this downloadable guide 20 Habits That Promote Emotional Wellness. Go ahead and place it on the fridge or behind the bathroom door. Subsequently this will remind you to create a positive mindset and love yourself more so you can live, love life.


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