Helen Glen - Life Coach - Uses Therapeutic Art

Life Coach Guides Women in legitimate Work .


Helen Glen International - life coach transforms your business


Helen Glen International - life coach transforms your business


"Teaching and coaching in any capacity is my passion."

Tools you need to flourish with balance.

Tools you need to balance life and work.Join my online community copy and paste link into your browser: HTTPS://EXPERTISE.TV/ORGANIZATIONS/HELEN-GLEN-INTERNATIONAL-COMMUNITY

Balance means better boundaries.

A life coach gives you more choices to enjoy life with time management and strategic planning. 

What is a life coach to successful people who have legitimate work from home jobs? 

It's the difference between a profitable and non profitable business outcome.

Accomplish more with a Life Coach.

Take control and plan for the future

Know your purpose, it's an easier way to have success doing what you love. A Life Coach guides you to use knowledge and skills to succeed in work from home jobs.

I use a rapid results coaching technique to help clients get clear on their goals. 

Having a positive mindset allows you to focus. A clear mind assists you to create intentions.

Set goals with realistic dates. Allow enough time to see   transformation in life and business.

Give yourself the time you deserve.

Prioritise your time and relationships

Click on the Blog section to get an answer to "what is a life coach and what is a Mentor"

.I love to see the transformation in people who have work from home jobs get tangible results.


Discover Your True Value, Let The Journey Begin

Huskisson Beach. NSW.

I'm super excited you've joined me here.. 

I was a busy mother of three young kids. = looking for part time legitimate work from home jobs, they were hard to find so I started my own buy and sell furniture business and scaled to reach a 7 figure income.  I now inspire women  and empower them to be good marketers.

This was an amazing achievement before the internet was invented.

Experience and Professional Qualification


A life Coach assists with discovering what their clients need. Legitimate work from home jobs can be stressful. If you don't know what is a life coach then you are on the right page. You can get informed here!

I'm an accredited life coach. I assist women with legitimate work from home jobs. It can be lonely and stressful to work from home  without support. I hold Business women accountable to achieve their dreams.

Supportive Journey for Mums With Kids


I know your pain....

Are you STRUGGLING to grow your home business? 

I used to have difficulty to get my legitimate work from home jobs get done on time.

Now I use my expertise to help you overcome limiting beliefs. 

Have confidence, get things done on time with a plan.

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Women Who Take Action Win.

Women Take Your Power


I believe in you, in your spirit to succeed and your power as a multi-tasking woman

I understand it's not easy to deliver legitimate work from home jobs on time. 

As a Life Coach I empowers women to overcome limiting beliefs.

My hope is that you will find support and mentoring. 

To get things done that will save you valuable time

Prosper With Productivity


 Women are powerful beings. 

Operating legitimate work from home jobs are stressful when you are a mompreneur.

So gather your thoughts.

ASK for help from a life coach and believe me, it will be worth it. 

Jump on a free consult call with me and lets see what we can do together.

"I live by the principles of integrity, loyalty and service.  

That life goes on, no matter what, that if it's to be, then it's up to me."  

Go girl, you can do it and you know that...

Helen xo



 am a life coach who loves to hear that I am transforming womens lives and business.My family and friends encourage me to come out of semi retirement. To offer help to women who work from home.I now have an online community. A forum where  women collaborate and support each other. Be inspired and empowered.To know more please click the link below

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