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"Teaching and coaching in any capacity is my passion."

Tools you need to flourish with balance.

Tools you need to balance life and work.

Balance means better boundaries, more choices to enjoy life. Successful people who depend on the guidance of a Rapid Results Coach get struggle free massive results with increase performance. I provide friendly and constructive advice on how to get balance to reach your full potential.

Accomplish more with a Life Coach.

Take control and plan for the future

Rapid results coaching will help you use your knowledge to get tangible results providing you with a roadmap on how to reach them and accomplish more success. Whenever I’m helping someone discover their skills and inner beauty, supporting their growth, educating them and impacting them, I know I’ve hit my sweet spot.

Give yourself the time you deserve.

Prioritise your time and relationships

Professional Life can be stressful, working solo sometimes daunting. Are you anxious meeting deadlines? I want to give you strategies for planning and goal setting. With guidance you will maximise your time for personal relationships, to give yourself the time you deserve.  


Discover Your True Value, Let The Journey Begin

Huskisson Beach. NSW.


I am super excited you've joined me here. Life is a journey of self discovery and entrepreneurship. 

Difficult Yes! BUT Read On...

I was a busy mother of three young kids all under the age of 5. 

My FOCUS was to run a profitable business from home while I could care for my family at the same time. With ACTION determination and some clever MARKETING SKILLS, my business grew to earning a 7 figure income within 2 years. 

This was an amazing achievement before the internet was available.

Truth is I did it and so can YOU.

Experience and Professional Qualification


Recently as a baby boomer I went back to study and updated my skills. The internet brought new exciting ways to work. You will discover more about me as you read through this site...Today's savvy entrepreneurs must change their strategy to keep up with advancement. TECHNOLOGY and global trends are constantly changing. We must reconsider all assumptions and start asking the right questions. Like is there a better way? 

The thing is, your options do not pay the bills, what will is technology and AUTOMATION for a profitable business...Stay the course and WIN. 

Supportive Journey for Mums With Kids


I know your pain....

Are you STRUGGLING to grow your home business? Juggling family, the pets, the school, family appointments and watch your business suffer?

From personal experience of being a highly successful home biz mum, I understand what it takes for the work-at-home mums' basic needs are. Clients who use new organisational tools feel confident in business and life. 

As an Accredited Business and Life Coach, I teach, I inspire, I support and BRING VALUE for increased personal development, time management and organisational skills. 

Freebie "Choose you!How to stop putting your needs last."

Women Who Take Action Win.

Women Take Your Power


  • I believe in you, in your spirit to succeed and your power as a multi-tasking woman. I understand YOU!

I can help you draw on your own personal power.

We find our inner strength to cope with emotional trauma yet continue with daily living.


  • A few nights before my beloved son was tragically taken from this world, he sat on my bed and said: 

  • “Remember mum, the power Is within You.” 

  • Yes, its also the  title of a book written by the Inspirational  Author Louise Hay. 

  • My belief in self empowerment with God's love and Grace enlightens me &  sustained me through my darkest hours. 

Prosper With Productivity


  Women are powerful beings....Solopreneurs can be in a lonely place. So gather your thoughts.

ASK for help and believe me, it will be worth it. 

  • Struggling in business to implement tasks is unnecessary. Its vital to keep abreast with industry, products and services for the modern business to thrive. 

  • Modern business uses fast global technology with automated systems and Apps to optimised profitability and success.  We provide tips and tricks how to do this.

  • I am a modern Coach-Preneur coaching  to transform lives and business. 

"I live by the principles of integrity, loyalty and service. I believe that life goes on, no matter what, that if its to be, then its up to me."  

Helen xo



My family and friends encourage me to combine all of my skills and experiences to start my own business again, so here I am a Life Coach enjoying transforming people.  

  • My expertise is in Marketing & Sales, event management. Entrepreneur owner of high fashion boutiques, running fashion shows, Melbourne Cup luncheons. Serving the local community.
  • I've run Meditation groups, Personal development and training workshops.
  • Raised money for local charities, but this one stole my heart. A big charity dinner I organised at Oatlands House, in memory of my sons' 7 year old friend, who sadly didn't make it after open heart surgery. 

In the 90"s The Randwick Children's Hospital was in great need of heart monitors. 

I'm proud to say I raised  $10,000 for 2 heart monitors. 

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