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Navigate Difficult Times with a Transformational Business & Life Coach.

Business coach for Women Entrepreneurs

Navigating Difficult Times with a Transformational Coach: Support for Personal Growth and Healthy Mindset Development.

I am a life coach for female entrepreneurs.

You were born for greatness! To do something great with your life and to change the world, but first you must go past changing your own-self to believe you can be that person!

Since the death of my son, I specialise in helping women in business who've suffered loss. Profound grief affects every aspect of life, mindset and mood. It is difficult to get motivated to take the steps to make your business a success. This is where I come in with compassionate coaching and mentoring to help.

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More recently I have studied to be a IFS psychotherapist, I believe that my personal life experience with bereavement of family members (both parents earlier in my life, and then later the tragic loss of my teenage son) gives me valuable practical insights. This combined with my business coaching experience and using neuroscience therapy, makes me uniquely qualified to help female entrepreneurs overcome their grief to achieve business success.

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In Pursuit of Healing after Loss of a Loved one, A Journey of Love and


Personal loss creates sleepless nights, disempowering, fearful thoughts, and overwhelming heartache. I know it's not easy because I suffered the tragic loss of my beloved teenaged son.

Few experiences are as painful as severing ties with a child. After losing 2 sons I lived with heartache and I found myself in a dark place, like I was in a deep hole of sheer grief, feeling like a cog in a machine wheel, terrified about life and the future, crying a lot, feeling shame, feeling alone and empty until I asked for help, learned to fostered self care and transformed my relationship with myself, and to draw on inner strength by nurturing self-love.

Today I am a survivor, not a victim of tragedy and I live a more meaningful life. Now I help women who've suffered the loss of her beloved child in need of support to foster self-love and compassion for herself.

I empower you to see your own light by nurturing herself using 7 rituals on her journey in pursuit of healing so she can find more acceptance and joy in her "new normal life."

You don't have to be alone. Your Mission should you choose to accept it, is to allow me to guide and coach you through difficult times. I hold your hand as you re-discover self-love on a step-by-step healing journey, so you can live a more fulfilled life.

I'm here regardless of the chaos. Won't you join me in a Free discovery session

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I offer Heart Centered Women,
Hope for life after loss.

Losing a child has a profound effect on a mother’s emotional wellbeing and affects every area of her life. Imagine experiencing an infinite power of relief from the emptiness of grief, anger, and resentment to living a life of a heart centered woman, creating a fresh story with newfound self-love and harmony and acceptance of others around you. Your mission should you choose to accept it is to stay connected to your inner guidance and with the right tools in just 6 weeks from now, go forward from a life drowning without joy, to smiling again, feeling comfortable living in your “new normal” aligning body, mind, and spirit, and awakening all that is unapologetically just about you!

Self Healing Course

6 ways to embrace healing body mind and Spirit in a way you have never experience before


What My Clients Are Saying

"My weakened spirit turned into a free flow of inner peace"

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~Farra Daly~

If there is one word to describe Helen Glen …it would be amazing. Difficult times weaken our spirits but Helen has a way with coaching and mentoring. Guiding you to peel away layers of fear, inhibitions and insecurities with her calm and angelic voice, in-depth wisdom and truth. My weakened spirit turned into a free flow of inner peace to go on and live positively. That’s what she does and she is exceptionally good at it. With Helen as your Life Coach you can't go wrong. Trust me!

"She fills in gaps of knowledge that I’ve missed, bringing structure to my business"

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Founder, Brain Wise Learning ~Monique Peters~

I have been working with Helen Glen and I am already benefiting from her business coaching. Helen understands what it's like to be a mumpreneur and her style is firm and encouraging, which is exactly what I need.

She fills in gaps of knowledge that I’ve missed, bringing structure to my business with tools and strategies for its success, so I can achieve my mission to help more people to learn better. I highly recommend Helen as a Coach and Mentor.

"An excellent coach and a capable trainer and she is awesome to work with."

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Property Consultant

~Isabella Dalli~

Professional, sincere and I definitely recommend

Helen Glen.

Helen is a very efficient, detailed, result oriented and extremely competent, an articulate and positive motivator.

An excellent coach and a capable trainer and she is awesome to work with.

I highly recommend Helen to anyone who needs motivation and inspiration to go past their limiting beliefs and achieve greater things in life faster.


"I was very stressed and had not been sleeping well. Helen listened to my problems."

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Structural Engineer,

~Daniela Nikolova~

You don’t know how much I appreciated Helen’s offer to guide me through a meditation session.

I was very stressed and had not been sleeping well. Helen listened to my problems.

Helen then guided me through a mindfulness meditation session.

I felt very relaxed instantly.

I continued to be in this blissful and peaceful state.
The stress had gone! No disturbed sleep. Amazing!

I invite you to join me in a place of solace, so you can....

Rebuild Your Future.

Life Coaching Packages & Mentoring Services

Coaching sessions can be either over the phone of via zoom plus Whatsapp text message support.

You can purchase coaching sessions on a monthly basis, or pre-purchase a package of 6 or 8 coaching sessions to get a cheaper price per session.

Bronze Empowering Coaching Program

2 Fortnightly Coaching Session

Mindset Coach for female entrepreneurs Sydney

Gold Empowering Coaching Program

6 Fortnightly Coaching Sessions

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Diamond Empowering Coaching Program.

8 Weekly Coaching Sessions

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