Affirmations Are Powerful Mind Tools. Use Affirmations Wisely.

Affirmations have beautiful outcomes

I thought you may like this article I’ve written on “Affirmations are a powerful mind tool use it wisely” Be careful of what you wish for because they will come true! 

To visualise and expect something you desire to take place –  Affirmations and incantations are powerful tools, well perhaps not 100% but at least you wish with you heart and mind and affirm your desired outcome.

Saying your affirmation out aloud over and over is incantation. 

Incantations allow your brain to rewire and accept the possibilities of affirmation. 

This is the secret to manifestation and how many successful people visualise their success. 

Seeing it, is believing it and it’s not just to making a wish.

Incantation allows the brain to accept the new neural pathways to creating your reality and works toward making it happen to you to follow your dreams.

Many times with some help from the universe of course! 


Did you know Affirmations are powerful tools for success?

Here are the characteristics of 6 P’s of Effective Affirmations:

1.     PASSION







Passion the key to effective affirmations is the emotional response to your statement that allows the brain to create new wires and FEEL IT.

This is why PASSION is very important to incantations and incantations are so powerful.


Focus on what you DO WANT. Avoid all the words you do not want and watch self talk for a paradigm shift speak positively and nicely to yourself.


Keep your affirmations focused on yourself and use the “me” and “I” in statements not on things outside of yourself.


Affirmations must be your power of control.  You are in control of telling your own brain what you want and to take action. Mind power is what you think you create. Be careful of what you think it may come true – so dont go to the dark and negative side of life, your thoughts and outcomes will not be happy ones.

Think positive thoughts about your day and what you want to happen NOT want you do not want to happen. For example affirm: “It’s going to be happy and sunny day at our outdoor wedding.”  NOT “it’s going to rain and that’ll be dreadful.”


Belief is what makes affirmation possible.  Believe that’s its possible for me to have an amazing day today – it doesn’t have to be 100% true yet, but you have to believe and affirm that its possible no matter what the outcome, you will see the positive side of your day unfold.


Being present using mindfulness is a very powerful way to affirm your thoughts and desires.

Be mindful to use the “I” in your statement and use your affirmations in the present tense as if it is happening now:  

For example say “I AM having a great day, not “I WILL have a great day”

Being mindful of the events taking place around you as you affirm your positive thoughts is important. 

This article will be useful if you use Affirmations as a powerful mind-tool so use it wisely. Be careful of what you wish for because they will come true! So What’s your affirmation today? 

Nice seeing you around, 



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