What is a Life Coach and What is a Mentor?

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What is a Life Coach and What is a Mentor?

Google says : “Put simply, coaching is a process that aims to improve performance and focuses on the ‘here and now’ rather than on the distant past or future.”

A coaching relationship is one where Life Coach and client work together, to enable the client to achieve positive change, in any area of their life.

How is Coaching different to Mentoring?


Even though Coaching and Mentoring are similar, here are the main points of difference.

Mentoring involves a relationship where the Mentor has already experienced and achieved the success that the Mentee is seeking.

The Mentor passes on their knowledge, skills and experience and opens doors of opportunity for the Mentee.

However, in a coaching relationship, it isn’t necessary for the Coach to have achieved what the Client is seeking to achieve. 

Coaching is where it’s more important that the Coach understands the Client’s mind, in order to facilitate the Client’s thinking towards achieving their own success. 

The 7 Key Aspects of Coaching Relationships

Every coach has their own style of coaching, using their own techniques and processes. However, all coaching generally shares these 7 key aspects.

1. The coach will help bring about the client’s change, but the client does the work and takes the action.

2. While some Life coaches may take a more directive approach than others, he or she isn’t totally directive. The coach facilitates the client’s thinking, to help the client identify their own solutions and actions. 

3. This occurs from exploring values, needs, desires, emotional or mental blockages, skills and thought processes.

4. All coaching relationships will involve setting goals for the client and evaluating progress towards reaching those goals.

5. The coach helps the client to commit to taking action towards creating the change they seek.

6. Positive change –Coaching assists the client to achieve real, lasting change. However, the coach also benefits from the relationship by sharing in the client’s growth and development.

7. The coach supports the client in developing their own strengths and achieving positive change, without judging or creating unhealthy dependencies and to have a future that is happier and more fulfilled.

Basically both Life Coach and Mentor deliver their services considering Mompreneurs (the client) needs, wants and wishes to be understood, to be of primary importance and to achieve the following 3 key indicators:

  • Increasing the Mompreneur’s  self-awareness, personal belief, communication, organisational skills and time management.
  • Building greater confidence and influence while reducing related stress and overwhelm.
  • Create a business that is profitable with ability to work more effectively.

Take This Tiny Step First To Find Success

Small Business Moms woman-carrying-her-baby-and-working-on-a-laptop

Hi Small Business Mum,

Let me ask you, do you dream of launching your own profitable business? 

Perhaps you have an amazing idea, but something is holding you back? Maybe you want to move to another city or country, and start all over? 

Taking the first step is always the hardest part. It’s not uncommon to see people never do what they have in mind just because they’re too scared to get started. 

New experiences come with a dose of fear. You must embrace the unknown and take risks. Not everyone is willing to let go and take on these challenges. 

Believe it or not, you can bring your ideas to life without changing everything at once. It’s that first step that can move you in the right direction. 

Small things, such as building a new habit, can go a long way toward your success. 

Why Taking the First Step Is the Hardest 

No matter what you’re trying to achieve, taking the first step can be mind-wreaking. You might think: 

·      What if I fail?

·      How will I make money?

·      What will people think?

·      What if I’m no good?

·      What if it’s not the right time to do it? 

·      Am I ready for this? 

The truth is that no one can guarantee that you’ll succeed. But, you’ll never know how it’s going to turn out unless you try. Do you want to spend the rest of your life wondering What if

That first step is always the hardest because it requires you to embrace the unknown and face your fears. It’s also the most important step – without it, nothing will change. 

Feeling Scared? Take a Half Step to Change Your Life

Most times, it’s the small things that have the biggest impact on our lives. You don’t have to change everything from one day to the next. If you’re scared of the unknown, do one little, minuscule thing to get started. 

It can be contacting real estate agents to find a flat in your dream city, making a phone call to find out what it takes to start a business, or eating one healthy meal rather than junk food. 

Choose one little habit and stick to it. Celebrate this first step and feel proud of it. 

Later, take another step and then another, and so on. Stop waiting for the perfect moment to get started. 

Stop over analysing and just go for it! 

The best time to start is now.

I’ll see you on the other side!

The second decade of this millennium 2020. Happy New Year Ladies.

Hello Lovely Lady,

Welcome here!

let me tell you a little bit about me before we embark on this journey together, because it’s really important for your success in this Community when you use my programs, that you know me and you trust me! 

Hello I’m Helen Glen.

I live in Sydney Australia with my husband John. I have 2 grown up daughters and 2 grand kids, whom we think they are adorable, I know, I know, well who wouldn’t love their grand kids?

What I do is I help women with heartfelt understanding and integrity to see change. 

I’m a Digital Influencer, Life and business coach.  

Women say they feel transformed after just a few sessions after speaking to me.

I’m going to be revealing to you some of the most advanced, most successful, most profitable and most unique strategies that I’ve created in posts and webinars, workshops and online group coaching that I used to build my own businesses. 

I’m so excited to have you as a part of my community of gorgeous, intelligent, brave women with a passion for building their very own profitable, lifestyle businesses.

In this community members have 24/7 access to collaborate and create friendships with integrity.

This is going to be a pretty incredible adventure and I’m so glad that you get to join, not just me, but all the women in this online community, who are ready to stop living mediocre lives and continue to build the small businesses they originally set out to create.

I facilitate transformational rapid results method coaching and mentoring, offering Personal Development programs and packages tailored the needs of my client. In  one-on-one sessions the rapid results technique or energetic modalities helps clients to have a AHHA moment and move forward. 

My story…I’ve been an entrepreneur for many years now, and over that time have launched and run 5 businesses in service based industries.  

Scaled a furniture retail/wholesale/manufacture business to  turnover 7 figures per annum. It’s hitting milestones as you go along to scale up.

It’s my mission and my purpose that digital influencers who experience uncertain times to reduce their pain. 

Small Business Mums who are at hear Entrepreneurs, looking to build a lifestyle business need to scale and engage with new markets. 

I guide you to use new opportunities and shortcuts that took me years to discover…

It’s my honour to help women with heartfelt understanding and integrity to get the results they want. 

That’s why women say they feel transformed after speaking to me. 

Whatever you would like to discuss, its an exciting part of the year to make changes and have what you believe you really, really want.

let’s get started, have a chat, book a free discovery call now and let’s see what we can do together. 

+ 61. 0417697023. or fill in the contact form on my website:  https://HelenGlen.com/contact-us


Helen XO

Stop COVID-19 challenging our life and business

Hello lovely lady,

Its been a while since I’ve emailed you. At I first I experienced technical problems (who hasn’t?) and bugs that put me behind. Then not feeling so good health wise, but all’s good now and you will hear from me a lot more directly.

COVID-19 has changed the face of business what have you done to survive?

Do you sometimes feel like all’s doom and gloom and inspiration won’t come?

When lock down seems endless? 

Then you stumble upon a beautiful picture and memories flood back. 

And you realise that life is actually good.

The picture below of a beautiful wedding cake was for my nieces wedding. 

We celebrated her wedding in Long Beach, Los Angeles. 

This was only last October 2019, just 7 months ago before the world changed. 

I remembered just how wonderful life was with travel and reuniting with family overseas was the norm, we enjoyed an unbelievable holiday.

Though we are going through tough times now, with COVID-19,  we must stay positive.

The world will recover and will reopen to see and have many wonderful adventures again.

Now its time to think outside the square. 

To make our business goals go beyond ourselves. 

In our digital lifestyle era, we have the opportunity to plan ahead so that prosperity is flowing and happiness to go, be and do whatever you want is here. 

Whether it be uniting again with our loved ones or to have better health or recover business is not far. 

I’m a business and life Coach and I love motivating people. 

I concentrate on helping women especially with digital marketing, online strategies.

  • Most of all I like to see changes in women’s lives
  • Where marketing their business increases profits. 
  • And success gets them to enjoy a happier lifestyle.

What’s your inspiring moment? 

hit reply and share with me today, I’d love to know!


I wish you all the very best during these difficult times. I believe that we are a strong tribe and nothing is too difficult. 

I love motivating women.  

I will be emailing you directly rather than through this platform so stay tuned for more awesome content from me. 

PPS Please ladies, I’m here if you need any assistance whatsoever, do let me know if I can help you so you can thrive!

I’m only to happy to help. 

Stay safe and awesome!

Love ~Helen Glen~ 

Friend me on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/HelenEnaGlen

The 7 Pillars of fundamental Business Principles.

Invitation to My Reboot Webinar register early as seats are limited.

In his book Upology Nick Psaila says “The ancient symbol of the Ouroboros represents the continued circle of reinvention; 

When one door closes, another opens. 

The key to self improvement is evolving oneself. I have always been restless, always searching for what’s next. 

Have you ever found that, once you have accomplished your goal, the first thing that comes into your head is ‘So what’s next?’ 

Well, you’re not alone. 

In my powerful free webcast I will reveal how to Reboot – to have a profitable lifestyle business to overcoming LIMITING BELIEFS – For Small Business Mums 

Learn proven steps to create breakthrough to enrich your life, build self esteem and regain confidence while understanding the fundamentals of running a business from home.

The greatest things you will get to understand are the major.

The 7 pillars of fundamental business principles –

  1. Purpose 
  2. Belief 
  3. Confidence 
  4. Planning  
  5. Consistent Action
  6. Conquer Fears 
  7. Health & Emotional Wellness

Each week my blog will cover each of the 7 principles, so keep watch!

Affirmations Are Powerful Mind Tools. Use Affirmations Wisely.

Affirmations have beautiful outcomes

I thought you may like this article I’ve written on “Affirmations are a powerful mind tool use it wisely” Be careful of what you wish for because they will come true! 

To visualise and expect something you desire to take place –  Affirmations and incantations are powerful tools, well perhaps not 100% but at least you wish with you heart and mind and affirm your desired outcome.

Saying your affirmation out aloud over and over is incantation. 

Incantations allow your brain to rewire and accept the possibilities of affirmation. 

This is the secret to manifestation and how many successful people visualise their success. 

Seeing it, is believing it and it’s not just to making a wish.

Incantation allows the brain to accept the new neural pathways to creating your reality and works toward making it happen to you to follow your dreams.

Many times with some help from the universe of course! 


Did you know Affirmations are powerful tools for success?

Here are the characteristics of 6 P’s of Effective Affirmations:

1.     PASSION







Passion the key to effective affirmations is the emotional response to your statement that allows the brain to create new wires and FEEL IT.

This is why PASSION is very important to incantations and incantations are so powerful.


Focus on what you DO WANT. Avoid all the words you do not want and watch self talk for a paradigm shift speak positively and nicely to yourself.


Keep your affirmations focused on yourself and use the “me” and “I” in statements not on things outside of yourself.


Affirmations must be your power of control.  You are in control of telling your own brain what you want and to take action. Mind power is what you think you create. Be careful of what you think it may come true – so dont go to the dark and negative side of life, your thoughts and outcomes will not be happy ones.

Think positive thoughts about your day and what you want to happen NOT want you do not want to happen. For example affirm: “It’s going to be happy and sunny day at our outdoor wedding.”  NOT “it’s going to rain and that’ll be dreadful.”


Belief is what makes affirmation possible.  Believe that’s its possible for me to have an amazing day today – it doesn’t have to be 100% true yet, but you have to believe and affirm that its possible no matter what the outcome, you will see the positive side of your day unfold.


Being present using mindfulness is a very powerful way to affirm your thoughts and desires.

Be mindful to use the “I” in your statement and use your affirmations in the present tense as if it is happening now:  

For example say “I AM having a great day, not “I WILL have a great day”

Being mindful of the events taking place around you as you affirm your positive thoughts is important. 

This article will be useful if you use Affirmations as a powerful mind-tool so use it wisely. Be careful of what you wish for because they will come true! So What’s your affirmation today? 

Nice seeing you around, 



Align heart centred goals with Core values.

Planning a goal starts with a new thought. That thought should align with your heart and core values.  Transformation comes with guidance to achieve that dream goal.  Think carefully before deciding on a goal to get what you truly want The truth is, nearly every human being on the planet is interested in either making or saving money.

STEPHANE KASRIEL notes “Of course, the consequences for young professionals are tragic and costly: Traditional jobs aren’t providing them with new skills and therefore aren’t setting them up for success in their careers. Consider in a business from home.”

According to “Entrepreneur” unsurprisingly, young workers aren’t happy with their employers, so they’re leaving frequently.  Disengaged from their jobs unlike any other generation and seeking new skills, they’re job-hopping. In 2015, according to Gallup, millennials changed jobs three times more often than older generations. Gallup estimates that turnover costs the U.S. economy $30.5 billion per year.

“As depressing as those stats can sound, the truth is that recent grads and young workers have more options to learn skills and craft their careers on their own.”

For those who are hiring staff and haven’t taken notice, as a new graduating class enters the workforce, now’s the perfect time to rethink your hiring strategy — because if you don’t, you’ll miss out on some of the best talent. 

If you are at this point in your business career,  then lets shed some light on getting some clarity with the assistance of a  Rapid Results Life coach will give you understanding on direction.

Why NOT knowing SMM is a bad thing and will hinder you.


Social Media Marketing or SMM is relational, and requires patience to build an online audience.

Thank you for reading my blogs. My intention is to give valuable content to my audience and covering education, inspiration in an entertaining or knowledgeable way that will resonate with you.

Our greatest boon is the Internet where we can work anywhere and speak to people right across the globe.

Internet Marketing: Sharing content socially is powerful. 

Online marketing is the modern way to promote a Brand, Company products and Services. 

Through the Internet you can be your own Marketer, providing useful and valuable content to people, using online tools and that helps drive traffic for leads and sales.

Inbound marketing is where content is king. 

SEO assists marketing content to inspire people, delivering value that is  responsible for “action buying” thus reaping monetary rewards with astounding outcome.  

Here are some stats gathered from around the web to help give you an idea of why internet/content marketing stands tall:(Quoted from SEJ Search Engine Journal) 

  • By 2019, content marketing is set to be an industry worth $313 billion.
  • 91 percent of businesses already are convinced of its power and have already adopted it as an essential marketing tactic.
  • Content marketing costs 62 percent less than traditional, outbound marketing, but pulls in 3x as many leads.
  • If you’re a small business with a blog, you’ll rake in 126 percent more lead growth than your competitors without a blog
  • If you have a blog and publish content, you’re likely to get 434 percent more indexed pages on Google, on averageYou want to be able to access the power of the Internet in your business to market to your audience effectively.

SO….Are you creating content that helps people discover YOU? 

Are you sharing your interesting stories about your journey in the field that is interesting to your reader?

What message are you sharing?

As a content creator it is necessary to be natural; be your authentic self, and get started now, don’t wait to be perfect.

Here’s some important tips on how creating great content that will get you followers who will stay the course:

Firstly, provide value that will resonate with the person to engage with you. 

WHO do you want to attract?

When writing content be sure to FOCUS on this one person when you create content.  In marketing we call this person your AVATAR. 

Remembers, they are out there looking for you! That’s right. 

So WHO is an AVATAR and how do we work on creating an Avatar?

Your avatar is your target market, It is important to market to just one specific person that you want to attract to trust and get to know you, so that they can use your services or products. Your content must speak to a human and she’s your ONE Avatar you are marketing to right now.

Put yourself in your Avatars shoes. What person do you want to follow you and see your journey? 

It is this person attracted to see your posts? You have to be a “Content thinker and there are institutes to train and 

What inspires your Avatar? Structure your content around your Avatar.

Where do they live and work?

What do they do for a profession or in life?

So what’s important to consider when you want to share with your Avatar?

Consider the following important factors to create value in your content for your Avatar.

What motivates them in your story?

What content Inspires to keep reading?

What entertains them that you are sharing?

What can you educate your Avatar on so that she can add value to her live?

The most important aspect of any business is to get known so as to offer products and services to be consumed in exchange for a monetary reward.

People follow stories. 

Today the Internet affords easy marketing on Social Media. The stuff works!

Popular platforms that people access daily are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pintress, Twitter. 

Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn all have paid advertising attracting traffic. 

People want to follow your journey and its important that you post twice a day.

Share on your platform what interesting things happen in your life that motivates you.

Share your pursuit of how to live a good life and your daily practises.

Another TIP is read, listen and then create content that you have learnt this will be great for creating your ads and share. While researching this topic I came across a video by Simon Cham who inspired me to write and share this Blog with you.

For sales of products and books, look at using platforms like Amazon, Etsy, eBay and many more that are able to reach everyday buyers like mums and dads, who conduct eCommerce from the comfort of their home or from anywhere 24/7.

PS …You don’t need motivation any more! In my next Blog, I will share with you “core drivers” that get YOU to value yourself – know yourself and give these “values” tasks! 

Helen Glen. Teacher/Life Coach & Entrepreneur.