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Life Coaching Services – I offer highly effective coaching programs because women that overcome blocks such as overwhelm, failure, low confidence want to feel happy again.

The new emerging neuroscience works because rewiring new neural pathways allows change to take place. I use techniques to rewire your brain so that you can work to make changes you desire.

I work with you to allow you to make the changes step by step. Soon you will see an exciting transformation to live a meaningful life.

Helen Glen - Life Coaching Services

Get Transformation from Life Coaching Services

The reason why this is effective is The Rapid Results program gets clients excited about the results they experience in just 8 one-on-one sessions.

The programs are highly successful and coaching sessions are conducted between client and coach. All coaching is conducted in a systematic way and we work together for success.

I also offer monthly ongoing coaching.

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I encourage my clients to discontinue coaching when they are happy with achieving their goal. There is no obligation to continue with coaching then.  I make sure my clients are happy with their progress. Once the client is happy with their results they go on to live a meaningful life.

If you ready to take the next step forward – I would love to have a conversation with you, and all you have to do is click here to book a session:

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I’m super excited you’ve joined me here. I’ve owned 5 businesses. I’m an Entrepreneur having operated a car rental company in the Northern Territory before moving to settle in Sydney. I created an amazing home business in the furniture industry. This was well worth it. My business scaled to turn over 7 figures annually while I was a busy mother of three young children.

Not easy but remember, I had focus on my dream with a purpose and vision.

I had a BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOAL (BHAG) that was bigger than myself!

So when you’ve got your own beautiful vision, purpose and big dream, believe me you’ve got this!

Have you ever wondered how you can breakthrough a mindset boundary holding you prisoner in your own mind?! Well I did and that’s when I found a brilliant technique that gave me freedom to pursue my passion, purpose and dreams. Now you too can achieve this with “The Access RAPID results program”.

Our core beliefs have tremendous control over our lives. We use them consciously or unconsciously.

This is why I’m so excited to bring you the Achieve Rapid Results Program (ARRP) so you can have faster results, based on new emerging neuroscience for lasting transformation. 

ARRP engages a distinct approach that embraces several modalities including mindfulness meditation to feel truly empowered and mindfully aware of the rapid results taking place in your life.

One ARRP 90 minute session is usually enough to uncover the trigger and root cause of an issue that no longer serves you, these sessions have proven to be life changing for our clients who are time poor and want instant relief.

For permanent change and best results to occur, most clients start with the 8 week ARRP, after all what you will lose is what has been painfully has been holding you back from freedom.

Women drinking coffee

This program is based on real science and designed for permanent transformation of unwanted limitations.  By recognising triggers and removing them from your mind, your body, your life, you begin to live, love life…

We gather and process information through our brain, it does what it believes you want, we are wired subconsciously and habits work on autopilot. 

  1. So what do you believe to be true that isn’t? 
  2. What do you want to change?
  3. Who do you want to be?

Neuroscience says the brain can change itself. How amazing! 

Life rewards ACTION: 

Affirmations To Live, Love Life

And now…You can change what is not serving you so that 

you can create the new neural pathway and wire in a brand new structure, this will shift your belief and create changes in your life so you can live, love life to its fullest.

You have everything to gain from being coached the ARRP way by a certified life coach, guiding you along with empathy and understanding so let’s grab your magic wand and make it happen!

The best sessions are as easy as relaxing in the comfort of your own home. Grabbing a cup cuppa and having your ARRP session while we connect via zoom. 

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“I live by the principles of integrity, loyalty and service. So gather your thoughts. Life goes on, no matter what, that if it’s to be, then it’s up to me.”

YOU CAN DO IT and you know that! I believe in YOU.