About Me Helen Glen. I’m the eldest of 3 kids and had my biggest life lesson when I was only 10 years old when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and given only 6 month to live.

I lived with fear of loss of my mother for many years. It is very difficult to mourn the loss of someone who is still alive and when hope is lost. We were blessed as my mother continued to live until I was 30 years-old when she eventually lost her life to lung cancer even thought she didn’t smoke.

A year after my mothers death, my father committed suicide. A few years after this tragedy my teenage son’s life was taken tragically. I felt my heart was taken with him, it was very painful.

Through these traumatic losses, I learned how to heal myself to be a survivor not a victim of circumstances.

These 5 valuable attributes helped me in all areas of my life:

  • Lesson 1: Adopt resilience – life is a constant challenge. 
  • Lesson 2: Adapt to Change – the only constant is change.
  • Lesson 3: Attitude of gratitude – to live, love life.
  • Lesson 4: Appreciation of life – respect the fact that people come and go.
  • Lesson 5: Authenticity – live according to your highest values. 

Life is to be enjoyed! Make honesty, integrity and respect your driving force. Foster family ties to live and love, to spend your days filled with laughter and music as often as possible.

About Me – Entrepreneur & Professional Life

I’ve had a very successful professional life both in the corporate world and in my own businesses as entrepreneur. Now I have a successful Coaching practice, my purpose is to inspire ever woman in the world to see transformation to conquer the world. Similarly like me, you can be a survivor and not a victim and live, love life after loss.

My advice is to be kind, to laugh more, live more and be more. To believe in your genius ability to impact the lives of others in your own authentic way. In other words you can use positivity and draw on your strength, so you can build the life of your dreams that you so much deserve.

The 5 major turning points in my life:

  1. Polio as an infant affected my face forever!
  2. Immigrated alone to Australia when I was 19 years old
  3. Started a home based business scaling to 7 figure income in high ticket retail furniture stores and “High Fashion Ladies Boutiques”  
  4. From millionaire mum to broke single mum supporting 3 teenagers.
  5. Death of my teenage son

Powerful lessons I have learned in life:

  1. Nervous about trusting men as the most beloved disappointed me.
  2. Not Protecting personal wealth with Trust structure
  3. Business partnerships are not so crash hot! I was burnt badly.
  4. Use only credible &trusted coaches, mentors, and business professionals
  5. Enjoy quality time with family and friends before it’s too late. 

Things I have researched/studied:

  1. Marketing at Sydney University and Market Research.
  2. Dressmaking at Tech College
  3. Multi Level Marketing-Advanced Diploma in Direct Sales Leadership
  4. The Bible (my favourite book)
  5. Accredited Mindfulness Meditation Life Coach and Teacher, Business and Life Coach, Therapeutic Art Life Coach, Happiness Coach, YB12 Life Coach. IV unit Small Business Management and 2 units IT.

Different and unique things I have done:

  1. As a boutique owner, held fashion parades to raise funds for 2 heart monitors for The Sydney Children’s Hospital
  2. Won The National Arabian Horse Championships with no prior knowledge of horse breading!
  3. I’m a born Entrepreneur with a natural ability to startup companies I’ve scaled my own to 7 figures.  
  4. Educated my children in the best private schools in Sydney Australia.
  5. As a young fully self-funded immigrant to Australia, I survived and thrived with no financial entitlement and contributed to society.  

Countries I have travelled to:

Egypt, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, USA – Bahamas, Hawaii, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Thailand, Europe –all the Scandinavian countries, Mediterranean countries, including France, Italy, Spain, Greece, England, Wales, Scotland.

5 things that make me an expert:

  1. Business Management Coach
  2. Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher
  3. Weight Loss Coach
  4. Therapeutic Art Life Coach
  5. Market Research Executive Interviewer – B2B/ B2C/CATI/ Recruiter

Results are I am most proud of:

  1. Travelling the world.
  2. Personal event management. Charity function raised $10,000 Contributing to 2 Heart monitors for Children’s Hospital. 
  3. Walking away from a failed marriage.
  4. My beautiful children and my purpose to start again for them.
  5. The euphoria of immigrant to millionaire in my 30’s. 

Bad experiences I have dealt with in life:

  1. Loss of income, bankruptcy – loss of lifestyle. 
  2. Coping in a new role as single broke mother of 3 teenagers. 
  3. Divorce and cross cultural marriage to Egyptian.
  4. Abused as a child and watching my mother being physically abused.
  5. Irreparable heartbreak at the tragic sudden death of my beloved son.

Heart-warming experiences, miracles or synchronicities I have had in life:

  1. Polio survivor without major disabilities.
  2. Survival in a new country as a young woman migrant, encountering working life in the mining towns and The Australian bush.
  3. The joy of having a child  – to see my newborn babies faces after carrying for 9 long months was and amazing unforgettable moment.
  4. I found love again and married the Aussie bloke I had dreamed of. 
  5. The all time miracle, migrant to millionaire within a decade.

Funniest or craziest moments I have had in life with friends or relatives:

  1. Joke telling onboard a yacht where I met my husband John.
  2. Dinner at Surfers Paradise with a very funny man, friend of a friend. 
  3. When my 2-year-old son, Justin didn’t like the colour of his Shetland pony because he wanted a “pink” horse and “Rebel” was brown and white! 
  4. A night to be remembered with the amazing view across the vastness of Mumbai’s lights, highlighting our dinner at the Four Seasons Hotel.
  5. Home parties with baby boomer friends, they make the world go round.


Property Consultant ~Isabella Dalli~

“Professional, sincere and definitely recommend  Helen Glen. I have known Helen Glen in a variety of capacities for many years. Helen is a very efficient, detailed, result oriented and extremely competent, an articulate and positive motivator. An excellent coach and a capable trainer and she is awesome to work with. I highly recommend Helen to anyone who needs motivation and inspiration to go past their limiting beliefs and achieve greater things in life faster.”

Isabella Dalli - testimonial


Founder, Brain Wise Learning ~Monique Peters~

“I have been working with Helen Glen for a few weeks and I am already benefiting from her coaching.  Helen understands what it’s like to be a Mum-preneur, and her style is firm and encouraging, which is exactly what I needs. Helen’s experience of running for her own business makes her advice very practical and I also like how she is able to fill in gaps of knowledge that I have been missing. Helen is bringing structure to my business and importantly,  techniques for its success, so that I can achieve my mission to help more people to learn better. I thoroughly recommend Helen as a Coach/Mentor.

Monique Peters - testimonial


Lawyer ~Farra Daly~

If there is one word to describe Helen…it would be amazing. Difficult decisions often weakened our soul and spirit but Helen has a way with her guidance to turn that weakened spirit into a free flow of peace for your soul. The importance to be kind to yourself and it’s okay to feel what you feel, both positive and negative…She guides you hear your own inner voice and listen to what the universe wants to say to you. It’s a mind-blowing experience when you could hear the answers you knew all along and the universe is behind you too. She guides you by peeling layers by layers of your fear, inhibitions and insecurities with her calm and angelic voice, in-depth wisdom and truth that you are the owner of your emotions and always knew what to do and can do. In the end of it all…you will find your breath again and gain the inner peace for you to live on positively. That’s what she does. And she is exceptionally good at it! Bless you dear Helen, and keep being a blessing to all. With Helen as your life coach, you can’t go wrong. Trust me.

Farra Daly - Testimonial


You don’t know how much I appreciated your offer to guide me through a Meditation session. When I came to your door, I was very stressed and you give me the opportunity to listen my problems. After you guided me through this Meditation time, I relaxed so, so much that I instantly felt, I want to continue to be in this blissful state and continue to sleep. The stress had gone! No disturbed sleep throughout the night. Amazing!

Daniella Nikolova - testimonial


I’m a mother and grandmother and like you, I’ve walked the path of pain sorrow and heartache at the loss of my two sons.

During the course Transition Tears To Transformation you will find there is vulnerability as I  share with you a sacred space with my own life’s reflections, to help on your journey to live, love life.

It was the loss of my two sons, through sorrow and profound grief, fear and overwhelm that I discovered a new side of me which needed to thrive not just survive.

I realised I had to change my attitude to see my way clear.  Not just for the sake of my two beautiful daughters in my care, but also for myself.  This triggered my love journey to self discovery with  my journey to empowerment and enlightenment.

During this course I will share with you my vulnerability of how I was able to transform loss, despair and grief by using the holistic Seven Sacred Secrets of self to create a pathway to healing and ultimately, a more meaningful life.


I’ve put a lot of thought into this sensitive course so you can have time to reflect, see a new holistic light within yourself to shine even brighter.

If at any time you need to pause to shed a tear, I encourage you to stay with the feeling. While you have this quiet time I would request you take out your diary and begin to write, without judgement, your true feelings of the moment.

Then come back here again.

When lost my baby at birth I nearly lost my own life with complications. My second son, who stole my heart was killed tragically at the age of 19 years, yes he was just on the threshold of his adult life.