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As a R.A.P.I.D Results Coach, I guide women to see their light moving towards transformation with have clarity for a deeper connection with themselves to live, love life after loss.

I feel inspired to carry out my work as a Transformational Results Coach. This program helps women become more thoughtful, insightful. So you can adopt voluntary control over your life. Be authentic and meet yourself where you are. Move forward to where you want to be, as healing lies within you to see transformation!

The RAPID Results Model

The RAPID Results Model based on Authentic Education.

A survivor not a victim

I thought I’d never recover from feeling hollow, sad and lonely. Having that sense of loneliness often comes after tragedy and trauma. It was then that I realised I needed help. As a part of me that felt lost, I engaged a Life Coach who helped me see my inner-self. Visualisation of happiness and joy. That’s when I saw myself a survivor not a victim of circumstances.

I now had new a sense of freedom as I Transitioned Tears To Transformation!  Since then I felt the need to live a more meaningful life. I realised I have  empathy and understanding to help others.so that’s what I do now as a Certified Life Coach.  

That’s what I do now as a Certified Life Coach 

This Coaching Program uses the most transformational emerging neuroscience to help clients with rapid results. These are life changing.

Deepak Chopra said, “All great changes are preceded by chaos.”

I know I’m a resilient woman. When I was a year old I overcame the Polio virus, a life threatening epidemic. Polio left me with a facial droop and though I’m self conscious about this, I’ve learnt how to cope with physical and emotional pain. Despite hardships, I’ve found a pathway to peace and happiness in my journey of self discovery.

Trauma and Tragedy makes you stronger.

As the harshness of losing my beloved sons got easier with time (it never goes away!) I was able to Transitioned Tears To Transformation. So much so, I want to help mothers like myself who have experienced loss of a child, have sleepless nights, longing fro comforting words to have a programs so she can be inspired to transition tears to transformation, just like I did.

Confidence, clarity and courage

I agree that personal confidence is most important to move forward and this is why I include confidence, clarity and courage in my Personal Development program.

Do you see a side of you that is crying out for help?

  1. For more understanding?
  2. To be kinder to yourself?
  3. For more self love?
  4. Do you wish to live a meaningful life?

If you answered YES to all the above, then The Achieve Rapid Results Program has thoughtful strategies, techniques and tools that will assist you in dealing with day-today struggles, so you can push towards a happier life with sense of freedom to fulfil your dream…. Then why not have a discovery sessions?

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