‘The Grief and Loss Companion Guide: Light up your future by healing yourself compassionately’ is a comprehensive and invaluable mini-course accessible 24/7.

Going through the Guide, the modules are well laid out to assist you with:

A comprehensive understanding of the grieving process

Welcome tools and tips you can implement immediately

Journal your thoughts, then look back and see how far you’ve come.

6 Weeks

6 Video Introduction

6 PDF Content

6 Worksheets

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“The Grief and Loss Companion Guide: Light up your future by healing yourself compassionately.” Is an amazing 6-week mini-course I would have found absolutely invaluable!

When I lost my teenage son suddenly

I wished I had been offered some of the healing tools and resources as in this powerful Guide.

You will learn how emotional mastery assists in healing inner wounds. The wounds that only we as mothers know to exist. They are invisible, painful and breakable.


The depth of pain a “Vilomah” feels can never be explained.

That is why we are called a “Vilomah” meaning a parent who lost a child. Just as the word “widow” explains a woman who has lost her husband.

7 Ways to embrace “The Grief & Loss Companion Guide, Heal yourself compassionately”

A holistic approach to embracing healing body, mind, and spirit in a way you have never experienced before.

Access to a comprehensive mindset relief toolbox for fast-changing moods.

Ways to enhance newfound self-love, and self-empowerment to bring back balance into your life. 

Get 24/7 access to ancient and modern practices and rituals for healing internal wounds.

Experience positive energy with the beauty of healing internal wounds just as a butterfly casts off the caterpillar cocoon. 

Learn how to go from a sad and troubled state to reconnect authentically with your intuition and allow calmness to flow.

Experience nothing better than freedom from pain and sorrow as you FREE YOURSELF compassionately.

Get $339 worth of Bonuses FREE.

When you are grieving, you may feel misunderstood, even by loved ones. It's not always a lack of empathy on their part, nor does it mean they don't love you. Sometimes, it's just a lack of depth of experience. People can only meet us at the depths in which they've met themselves.

And going through profound loss is an experience that most of us are never fully prepared for. No one is ready for this situation. Yet when it unexpectedly comes, our unpreparedness makes us turn away.

That is why I created this course because I've been there and understand!


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TO better understand what YOU are facing and

feeling right now.


Woman’s Think & Grow Journal


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Helen Glen

Helen Glen started her female entrepreneurial journey 27 years ago after launching a chain of successful women’s high-end fashion boutiques. With a taste for business, Helen transformed her start-up furniture business into a 6-figure salary success.

Even though her professional life was thriving, her personal life was falling apart, with her twenty two year marriage coming to an end. It was through this life-altering moment, Helen felt inspired to take charge of her life, and dived back into education. After completing an Undergrad Marketing degree at the University of Sydney, Australia, Helen jumped onto the corporate ladder, and then launched a market research company in partnership with a business colleague.

Women thrive together…Because we understand each other.

After discovering a newfound passion for learning, in 2016 Helen completed the YB12 Business Coach Certification and YB12 Health & Wellness Certification, in addition, to the Mindfulness and Meditation Instructor’s Certification, Helen obtained ‘Authentic Academy’s Accelerated Coaching Certification offering her valued clients neuroscience based rapid results coaching programs,

But there was something greater that was calling Helen. After losing her son at the tender age of 19 years old, Helen learned how to co-exist with loss and grief. By understanding that there was a greater purpose at play, she knew that her calling was not just to help women in business, but in all facets of life too.

With trauma haunting Helen daily, she knew her role as a mother was to provide a future for her family. And there was no greater demonstration of courage and tenacity, than picking herself up from the depths of bereavement and asking for the professional help from a Therapist so she could go on to living a happier and more meaningful life.

Now, Helen wants to give back to grieving mothers. And there is no greater way, than a revival of her passion for life to help others.

Helen recently completed a certificate in IFS Therapy, for trauma Psychotherapy to ensure that women feel supported, Helen knows the importance of allowing her clients to be their authentic selves all day, every day, and achieve ultimate results with success and peace.

Grief and loss are part of life. These unavoidable emotions are felt because we love and attach ourselves emotionally to others. It is through this love that we feel the intense personal pain of loss and grief.

However, we can all learn to understand the grieving process and how to cope better.

Our perceptions must be to value ourselves as we value others, so that we live according to our own values, and learn to come back to being present and balanced again.

It is important we do not place judgements on actions we or others do and accept that death is a natural phase of our life cycle. But when it affects us personally - it hurts!

Just as the waves come and bathe the shore, leaving an impression on the sands of glistening splendour, they then must go out again to join the vast ocean, so it is with life in the waves of time.

We come, leave an impression and move away again to live an eternal life. You must go on, no matter what!

By accepting life in all its form you must go on no matter what, and when you realise that we are all capable of a lot more than we give ourselves credit for, you will accept happiness again while living in your “New Normal.”

You deserve it! My wish for you is to begin from now to learn how to cope, move forward and shine your light brightly, so you can navigate a happier and more peaceful life for yourself and those around you.

I believe in you!

With much love and hugs here’s to your success, and continued love in pursuit of healing after the loss of a loved one. Take advantage of this valuable course, it is packed with goodness.


"I wished I had a journal when my teenage son tragically died. During those long sleepless nights, I would lie awake, grab the notepad beside my bed, and journal a letter to my beloved son while I mourned his loss. I found journaling priceless. I know you too will get a lot out of The Woman’s Think & Grow Journal, and this is why I offer you this FREE BONUS Authored by me.
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In pursuit of healing after the loss of a loved one …Learn how to cope while healing through the grief and loss process.

Have access to an amazing hands-on healing mindset toolbox, useful tips and self-healing resources.

Get access to


“You are precious! Give yourself as many chances as you need to heal yourself compassionately. Grief doesn’t keep score. Don't let grief hold you hostage. Just keep learning, and keep on going, believe me, it gets easier."

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