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Small Business Mums Embrace Rejection

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We all know the feeling…..

Perhaps you were busy and overwhelmed, things were not going to schedule you have a needy, sick kid at home or life just got in the way and you are just not coping, whatever the reason, you are not able to fully keep up with completing your contracted work on time. 

You know you are in trouble….

The bills are piling up and the dentist appointment is coming up for your child’s new braces….whatever the problem is you need to pay for it, you get the gist!  

You desperately need that new contract…..

But now you feel rejected as you just lost the contract that you needed so very much to keep you keep working from home. 

Rejection for Small Business Mums feels like personal failure in some way, and there are many more examples of how rejection hurts. 

People are often afraid of rejection because it points out flaws in themselves. 

Small business mums know that rejection is a part of life and that if you use rejection as a learning experience, you can use it to better your position. 

But, if you embrace rejection you will find that it can be a tremendous tool in your personal development to overcome limiting beliefs.

So you want to change?

Then you need to change your story. 

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You can consider rewiring your thoughts to accept new habits to change your limiting beliefs.

Success comes with being happy with what you do.

Rejection can also give you an indication of what you want or don’t want out of your life. 

This can happen to Small Business Mums who are burnout with their tight schedule and busy lifestyle, overcrowded with coping with home, kids and career. 

Avoiding the truth of ones nightmare is a reality, and sacrificing valuable time being stuck in ground hog days. Lets shift the blame on disorganisation, which in turn, unfortunately accounts for loss of profitability. Yes your income is going out of the door literally.  

small business mums

If small business mums cannot deliver their work on time and every time, they will fall behind in income earning.

Rejection can be a blessing in disguise for both situations. 

Small Business mums who lack organisational skills, have limiting beliefs and do not have time management in place, would not last working their home office successfully. 

Unless women are willing to re-train their mindset, to and change and keep up with the changing face of business, which is more commonly seen these days, they should with honesty, ask for help. 

When small business mums suffer burnt out, rejection can tell you it’s time for a change.  

This is a factual wake up call! 

Unless it’s dating, most rejection should not be taken personally. You need to develop a tough skin and move on. 

Small Business Mums who are in a sales role know that their success is a number’s game. Keep going until someone says “yes”.

Knowing the reasons why your work is getting rejections can help you hone in to what you need to change to avoid those rejections in the future.

Small Business Mums who are afraid of rejection, would be wise in getting over that and do not need to go it alone!

Having help and support from an Accredited Business and Life Coach, one who will not only support you but hold you accountable.

A Coach will guide you every step of the way, not only to give you added confidence, but save you valuable time in trying to figure things out yourself.

Our Small Business Mums can also focus on getting the right type of help. Being global online business gurus, you are able to get help and advice from all around the globe to meet your needs. 

You’ll find that change and accountability comes with support from Coaches, Mentors or Teachers. They are worth their weight in gold! 

Small Business mums who get more things done faster ask for help and use virtual staff to delegate tasks, this frees them up to use time management in a constructive manner for other important things to get done. 

Don’t let rejection get you down. 

Just keep moving forward. 

RememberSmall Business Mums are valuable member of the workforce, to the economy, their family and to themselves. 

It’s not over until you win. 

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