Stop COVID-19 challenging our life and business

Hello lovely lady,

Its been a while since I’ve emailed you. At I first I experienced technical problems (who hasn’t?) and bugs that put me behind. Then not feeling so good health wise, but all’s good now and you will hear from me a lot more directly.

COVID-19 has changed the face of business what have you done to survive?

Do you sometimes feel like all’s doom and gloom and inspiration won’t come?

When lock down seems endless? 

Then you stumble upon a beautiful picture and memories flood back. 

And you realise that life is actually good.

The picture below of a beautiful wedding cake was for my nieces wedding. 

We celebrated her wedding in Long Beach, Los Angeles. 

This was only last October 2019, just 7 months ago before the world changed. 

I remembered just how wonderful life was with travel and reuniting with family overseas was the norm, we enjoyed an unbelievable holiday.

Though we are going through tough times now, with COVID-19,  we must stay positive.

The world will recover and will reopen to see and have many wonderful adventures again.

Now its time to think outside the square. 

To make our business goals go beyond ourselves. 

In our digital lifestyle era, we have the opportunity to plan ahead so that prosperity is flowing and happiness to go, be and do whatever you want is here. 

Whether it be uniting again with our loved ones or to have better health or recover business is not far. 

I’m a business and life Coach and I love motivating people. 

I concentrate on helping women especially with digital marketing, online strategies.

  • Most of all I like to see changes in women’s lives
  • Where marketing their business increases profits. 
  • And success gets them to enjoy a happier lifestyle.

What’s your inspiring moment? 

hit reply and share with me today, I’d love to know!


I wish you all the very best during these difficult times. I believe that we are a strong tribe and nothing is too difficult. 

I love motivating women.  

I will be emailing you directly rather than through this platform so stay tuned for more awesome content from me. 

PPS Please ladies, I’m here if you need any assistance whatsoever, do let me know if I can help you so you can thrive!

I’m only to happy to help. 

Stay safe and awesome!

Love ~Helen Glen~ 

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