The second decade of this millennium 2020. Happy New Year Ladies.

Hello Lovely Lady,

Welcome here!

let me tell you a little bit about me before we embark on this journey together, because it’s really important for your success in this Community when you use my programs, that you know me and you trust me! 

Hello I’m Helen Glen.

I live in Sydney Australia with my husband John. I have 2 grown up daughters and 2 grand kids, whom we think they are adorable, I know, I know, well who wouldn’t love their grand kids?

What I do is I help women with heartfelt understanding and integrity to see change. 

I’m a Digital Influencer, Life and business coach.  

Women say they feel transformed after just a few sessions after speaking to me.

I’m going to be revealing to you some of the most advanced, most successful, most profitable and most unique strategies that I’ve created in posts and webinars, workshops and online group coaching that I used to build my own businesses. 

I’m so excited to have you as a part of my community of gorgeous, intelligent, brave women with a passion for building their very own profitable, lifestyle businesses.

In this community members have 24/7 access to collaborate and create friendships with integrity.

This is going to be a pretty incredible adventure and I’m so glad that you get to join, not just me, but all the women in this online community, who are ready to stop living mediocre lives and continue to build the small businesses they originally set out to create.

I facilitate transformational rapid results method coaching and mentoring, offering Personal Development programs and packages tailored the needs of my client. In  one-on-one sessions the rapid results technique or energetic modalities helps clients to have a AHHA moment and move forward. 

My story…I’ve been an entrepreneur for many years now, and over that time have launched and run 5 businesses in service based industries.  

Scaled a furniture retail/wholesale/manufacture business to  turnover 7 figures per annum. It’s hitting milestones as you go along to scale up.

It’s my mission and my purpose that digital influencers who experience uncertain times to reduce their pain. 

Small Business Mums who are at hear Entrepreneurs, looking to build a lifestyle business need to scale and engage with new markets. 

I guide you to use new opportunities and shortcuts that took me years to discover…

It’s my honour to help women with heartfelt understanding and integrity to get the results they want. 

That’s why women say they feel transformed after speaking to me. 

Whatever you would like to discuss, its an exciting part of the year to make changes and have what you believe you really, really want.

let’s get started, have a chat, book a free discovery call now and let’s see what we can do together. 

+ 61. 0417697023. or fill in the contact form on my website:  https://HelenGlen.com/contact-us


Helen XO

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