What is a Life Coach and What is a Mentor?

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What is a Life Coach and What is a Mentor?

Google says : “Put simply, coaching is a process that aims to improve performance and focuses on the ‘here and now’ rather than on the distant past or future.”

A coaching relationship is one where Life Coach and client work together, to enable the client to achieve positive change, in any area of their life.

How is Coaching different to Mentoring?


Even though Coaching and Mentoring are similar, here are the main points of difference.

Mentoring involves a relationship where the Mentor has already experienced and achieved the success that the Mentee is seeking.

The Mentor passes on their knowledge, skills and experience and opens doors of opportunity for the Mentee.

However, in a coaching relationship, it isn’t necessary for the Coach to have achieved what the Client is seeking to achieve. 

Coaching is where it’s more important that the Coach understands the Client’s mind, in order to facilitate the Client’s thinking towards achieving their own success. 

The 7 Key Aspects of Coaching Relationships

Every coach has their own style of coaching, using their own techniques and processes. However, all coaching generally shares these 7 key aspects.

1. The coach will help bring about the client’s change, but the client does the work and takes the action.

2. While some Life coaches may take a more directive approach than others, he or she isn’t totally directive. The coach facilitates the client’s thinking, to help the client identify their own solutions and actions. 

3. This occurs from exploring values, needs, desires, emotional or mental blockages, skills and thought processes.

4. All coaching relationships will involve setting goals for the client and evaluating progress towards reaching those goals.

5. The coach helps the client to commit to taking action towards creating the change they seek.

6. Positive change –Coaching assists the client to achieve real, lasting change. However, the coach also benefits from the relationship by sharing in the client’s growth and development.

7. The coach supports the client in developing their own strengths and achieving positive change, without judging or creating unhealthy dependencies and to have a future that is happier and more fulfilled.

Basically both Life Coach and Mentor deliver their services considering Mompreneurs (the client) needs, wants and wishes to be understood, to be of primary importance and to achieve the following 3 key indicators:

  • Increasing the Mompreneur’s  self-awareness, personal belief, communication, organisational skills and time management.
  • Building greater confidence and influence while reducing related stress and overwhelm.
  • Create a business that is profitable with ability to work more effectively.

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